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Thinking and Objectification

Thinking and sense-giving and sense-perception No, you do not accept a radical multiplicity in being. For you there is only one being that thinks. You do not locate thinking in any other being. At what boundary do you determine when…WeiterlesenThinking and Objectification

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Opposing all Forms of Animal Objectification

Why we step back from the Speciesism/Antispeciesism paradigm and focus on levels of Animal Objectification instead, which we think reaches deeper in the perspectivical-based ethical problem that we are dealing with in the Animal Rights / Human Rights interfaces: On…WeiterlesenOpposing all Forms of Animal Objectification

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Being and sensing

Being or sensing/feeling … ? Veganism vs. Sentientist struggles: If someone argues forth or back for what argumentation is more substantial: that one of “life” (to be more meaningful as a criterion for human ethical concern) itself or that of…WeiterlesenBeing and sensing

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The term: sustainable

Sustainable … sustainability in social terms, inevitable. Sustainable … when it means „growth“, seems a contradiction to economic-ecologic-justice. Sustainable … and beneath the term of “ ’life’ on earth and water”, the rights and interests of ‘Farmed-Animals’ and ‘Lab-Animals’ (amongst…WeiterlesenThe term: sustainable