animal sapiens Animal Sociology Conflicting approaches similarities Specifics of Animal Objectification

How negation of Nonhumans functions

Biologistic (seclusionist and hegemonial) reductionism marks the most typical discriminatory approach to Nonhumans today. Animal SociologyWeiterlesenHow negation of Nonhumans functions

Animal Sociology Conflicting approaches opposing all forms of animal objectification

Antispeciesism is here

… they do that because the felt speciesism would stay a marginalized subject and that human hybris would not be put in context with anthropogenic destructivity. Also, in this case an analogy shows the psychology of “movements”: imagine you’d be…WeiterlesenAntispeciesism is here

Animal Sociology Conflicting approaches opposing all forms of animal objectification similarities Specifics of Animal Objectification

What makes up Speciesism

If you are not willing to put the puzzle of the objectification of Nonhumans or Speciesism together, then why do you pretentiously state you’d understand the deconstruction of any other -ism or any other form of human oppression? You obviously…WeiterlesenWhat makes up Speciesism

animal sapiens Animal Sociology Specifics of Animal Objectification

Biology and Biologism

Some people are either: so deeply entangled in biologistic speciesism, that they presume a critique of „biologism“ entails a categoric rejection of biology as one scientific perspective of organic existence, or they are so racist, that they think a perhaps…WeiterlesenBiology and Biologism

Animal Sociology Conflicting approaches vegan sociology and ethos

The sadder sides of progress

draft 10.01.2023 The sadder sides of progress We have a basically sad theory: Being vegetarian obviously didn’t imply that people were ethically „awake“ about nonhuman rights issues, hence veganism emerged from vegetarianism, with the expressed goal to cover more interests…WeiterlesenThe sadder sides of progress

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Killing and Loving Animality (1)

Killing and Loving Animality simultaneously is considered a very human thing. The problem being: they kill and “love” them at the same time. > the Rabbits, the Horses, the Piglets, the Calves, the Emus … Animal objectification and animal-derogative biologism…WeiterlesenKilling and Loving Animality (1)

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Thinking and Objectification

Thinking and sense-giving and sense-perception No, you do not accept a radical multiplicity in being. For you there is only one being that thinks. You do not locate thinking in any other being. At what boundary do you determine when…WeiterlesenThinking and Objectification

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Always oppressive specifics

What if it’s really illusionary to heal one evil by applying another evil? Like trying to fight an -ism while (or with) sustaining another -ism – maybe inadvertently? We don’t need/see/want an antisexist society where birds are still being objectified…WeiterlesenAlways oppressive specifics

animal sapiens opposing all forms of animal objectification

Antidiscriminatory Animal Sociology (1)

A socially just sociology means implying antidiscriminatory animal sociology. The levels of interaction between all subjects and all varying subjectivity need to be focused. antidiskriminatorische Tiersoziologie https://www.simorgh.de/objects/antidiscriminatory-animal-sociology-1/WeiterlesenAntidiscriminatory Animal Sociology (1)

commitment and haltung


Animal Rights includes both: An affirmation of the respect we hold for Nonhumans (the bridge of “dignity”, as holding a respectful stance) A fight for clearing messed up terms, that allow for systemic and other factual harms and devaluations of…WeiterlesenDedication