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Update 1.03.2024: we will now be sharing some selected content in parallel on and on after all, as content from this site is recorded less by Google than content that is accessible on However, the concept described below remains the same. The Visual Opinions Workshop on this site has worked well for us as a ‚thinking workshop‘ for topics relating to animal sociology and animal rights ethics. We are continuing to add content on animal mythologies on, where we have also taken up activist topics again.

This Project: For a long time, we have been running our website > ‚from animal mythologies to an antibiologistic animal sociology‘. The site has grown so much ‚contenwise‘ with its subsections, that it was time to summarize the results of years of generating animal rights-related thinking in a comprehensive form on a new site. In addition, there was the problem that the spelling of the name „simorgh“ ( ≈ the Persian phoenix) causes problems for many people. In the future, the page shall be our specific space for contributions that are more relevant in terms of animal mythology, while contributions on animal rights in terms of animal rights ethics shall be made accessible here. In the probably rather long lasting phase of reorganization there will be some overlaps. This may be forgiven.

our approach

The content clarifies the objectives

We discuss

  • Nonhumans and an antibiologistic ethic
  • critical approaches regarding society’s stances towards Animality/’Being Animal‘ and the natural co-existent entitites
  • as a political agency: being a pluralistic, creative ’subjective being‘

We clearly take a radical antibiologistic stance in terms of Animal Autonomy, Animal ‚Liberation‘ (which can be a quite difficult term), Animal Right as well as Environmental concerns.



Animal Rights — From Animal Mythologies to an Antispeciesist Animal Sociology — notions on freedom, Animal Rights and animal thought > to be contextualized with discussions about altered views on the natural enviromment and Human Rights

Edition Farangis: Animal Autonomy E-Reader; ISSN 2700-693X

Tierautonomie, ISSN 2363-6513 – the journal contains English and German texts

Arts, poetry, and alikePhilozoe, ISSN 2702-8178. An e-journal on image creation, mythologies and experiencing subjectivity.

We have always seen and see our activism as a form of creative expression. Creative subjectivity helps to express inter-subjective perspectivities in fine tuning.


Other publication projects

  1. Secular mysticismSimorghi / سیمرغی a philosophical journal on secular mysticism and iranian culture, ISSN 2701-374X.
  2. Propaganda und Widerstand — eine Methodik zur soziologischen Analyse von Fotografie im und unter der Herrschaft des Nationalsozialismus > Forschungsarbeiten von Dr. Miriam Y. Arani.
  3. More current activities by the EDITION FARANGIS