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The broader picture

A comment about > Christopher Sebastian McJetters: Exploring Connections between Black Liberation & Animal Liberation > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ebX07H4wM [accessed 06.09.2023] What about völkisch structures and american whites and non-whites collaborating with them for instance. This a regional subform of concepts (or…WeiterlesenThe broader picture

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The sadder sides of progress

draft 10.01.2023 The sadder sides of progress We have a basically sad theory: Being vegetarian obviously didn’t imply that people were ethically „awake“ about nonhuman rights issues, hence veganism emerged from vegetarianism, with the expressed goal to cover more interests…WeiterlesenThe sadder sides of progress

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Speciesism in Art and Veganism (1)

Speciesism and spectacle: The display of a speciesist act of harming or killing, to desensitize onlookers – lessons in ‘human might’ — draft 02 12 22 The nofun facts about (technical and self-declared) “vegans“ where I live: a not inconsiderable…WeiterlesenSpeciesism in Art and Veganism (1)