Speciesism and spectacle:
The display of a speciesist act
of harming or killing,
to desensitize onlookers
– lessons in ‘human might’

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The nofun facts about (technical and self-declared) “vegans“ where I live: a not inconsiderable number of “vegans” where I live consciously and quite ignorantly associate themselves with the Nitsch-Scene. A little big reminder: supporting or tolerating speciesist art is as little compatible with veganism as is visiting zoos or supporting other forms of [objectifying, speciesist] exploitation. Even if arts don’t exactly fit in the category of ‘entertainment’ since it is defines as “high culture”, no matter in which area or in which spectacle nonhumans are being degraded, vegans should in fact technically not partake in the support of such ventures and sustaining networks, enterprises or cultural institutions, etc.

A friend in Austria had the similar problem of encountering this ethical omission and ambiguity in her local vegan community. We definitely have it too in Germany, especially in some locations. An interesting fact in that context is that you have Nitsch-fans/supporters ranging from the far left to the extreme right. Even that is another aspect fellow vegans should likely be aware of. Speciesism goes across the board, especially aesthetically and intellectually furbished in “high culture”. It’s definitely not okay is vegans seek to omit arts from the social ethical vegan context.

This is basically an issue for vegansociology.

Antibiologistic Animal Sociology

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