draft 10.01.2023

The sadder sides of progress

We have a basically sad theory:

Being vegetarian obviously didn’t imply that people were ethically „awake“ about nonhuman rights issues, hence veganism emerged from vegetarianism, with the expressed goal to cover more interests of nonhumans.

Saying that I must add that I can’t speak about all (maybe even individual) forms of nonviolent plant-based (…) lifestyles here, which people practiced, but which aren’t known or covered by „vegetarian history“.

The vegan movement either isn’t an automatic guarantee that Animal Rights issues are adequately addressed. For instance, excluding the question of injustice, while eliminating the level of faunacide (or theriocides) on the levels of predominantly nonhuman-mass-murder-in-agriculture, means the killing and the violence do not take place at those spaces, yet still, the general and very fundamental justice isn’t enacted, as an political and ethical process and societal development from the side of the human societies: Living becomes a problem in terms of damage caused to the environment, and the own plight and history as ‚the nonhuman being/group‘, that nonhumans experience, will still not matter (enough) as an ongoing strife … .

Of course the same even goes for Animal Rights definitions and movements themselves: Even Animal Rights – taken as the human movement, as the ideas, not the ‚thing itself‘ – can mean the theory (any given one) might be flawed or insufficient.

There is simply no guarantee for a perfect waterproof label that we can reliably go by, without constant cautiousness > there is still a long way to go, to solidify and carve out the human understanding and recognition of Nonhuman Animal Rights. Nevertheless it clearly, logically and assumably must have been a struggle within human communal life and intra-human encounters since the onset of human existence.

Saying that and coming back to the title of this comment we must say that the undifferentiated enthusiasm, evoked by new paths in society to „create a better world“ …

a.) must still be seen in forefront of the historical and cultural discourses which are relevant here


b.) the present dominant settings, that evoke our enthusiasm are, in terms of Animal Rights, definitely not that what the ‚history of vegetarianism‘ and veganism might sum up and presuppose as guaranteed and inseparable implicit parts of their approaches.

It’s time that Animal Rights are independent and working far more differentiated that they do now, and Animal Rights must be far more radically outspoken. It’s time to very directly contextualize all upcoming relevant angles and perspectivities, so that no more sidetracks will become main evasive paths.

See in this context:

Antibiologistic Antispeciesist Animal Sociology: Environment and Nonhuman Animals > https://d-nb.info/1219413275/34 > https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:101:1-2020101117270152025827

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