Nonsymbolic Animality.
Not abstractly vague, not diffuse, not schematic, not stereotype, not antiindividualistic, not predetermined by anything but by the
own inner source. Peers in mind (pain/reason … ).

Human Societies amongst Animal Societies. I don’t think that the Animal Rights movement is part of the Human Rights movement, but the opposite that the Human Rights movement is laying on a parallell level either or only becomes reasonable enough as part of Animal and Earth Rights

In my point of view there are no Human Rights without Animal Rights. What we have today is human contracualism that degrades Fauna and Flora. It can’t be all about „us“. #anthropocene

To be clear: Human Rights depend on Earth Rights. And how are you gonna seperate Earth Rights from Animal Rights?
Besides: There simply is no such thing a technocratic and merely instrumental „right“. Rights are ethics, and rights always raise endless ethical debate.

There is a difference between „selectively enforcing ‚own‘ […] interests“ and recognizing a notion of inherent rights.

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