“Animal Liberation – Human Liberation” say the ones who in the next three phrases make either clear that

a.) circumstances generally weigh sensitively more when we / if we’d endure what “they” endure, vice versa is a totally different story and b.) that Nonhumans “first” will not be admitted to work, as a slogan of one’s narrowminded counterparts, only as long as shared dominant paradigms about Nonhumans would stay constant, and none of us had to rewrite their books and all their histories.

Acknowledging that we are dealing in the anthropocene with a Total Destruction means that wishing to operate in a sense of a Total “Liberation” is simply not a viable way to move the sheer endless numbers of single levers that will power structural change.

Partially because after all any “self- and general Liberator” is pro-actively contributing to all the problems that we are dealing with simply by the fact that any paradigm shift keeps being stubbornly prevented in the first, second, third, just any place.

Gruppe Messel – Tierrechte

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