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How negation of Nonhumans functions

Biologistic (seclusionist and hegemonial) reductionism marks the most typical discriminatory approach to Nonhumans today. Animal SociologyWeiterlesenHow negation of Nonhumans functions

Animal Sociology Conflicting approaches opposing all forms of animal objectification similarities Specifics of Animal Objectification

What makes up Speciesism

If you are not willing to put the puzzle of the objectification of Nonhumans or Speciesism together, then why do you pretentiously state you’d understand the deconstruction of any other -ism or any other form of human oppression? You obviously…WeiterlesenWhat makes up Speciesism


Animal Sociology and advocacy

painting top: Farangis G. Yegane Where the notion of animality is mostly driven by biologism and general nonhuman animal objectification (philosophical, religious, legal, scientifically, and so forth) > being “for animals”, being an “animal ally”, does not mean that these…WeiterlesenAnimal Sociology and advocacy