Some people are either:

so deeply entangled in biologistic speciesism, that they presume a critique of „biologism“ entails a categoric rejection of biology as one scientific perspective of organic existence,

or they are so racist, that they think a perhaps more nonwestern view on organic life, in terms of social life (for instance) and broad contextualities (language, life of mind/philosophy, ‘spirituality’, etc.) that rejects the leading back of everything “animal” to the narrow reductive view of strict biologically driven patterns of perspectives, means you are mixing up biology with biologism.

In terms of racism and sexism … they’d grant you the critique meanwhile – no matter what, yet with nonhumans the west is still not ready as of today to critically counter biologistic speciesism or biologistic attributions to nonhuman animality and all fields related to the questions of their interests.

draft 15.1.23

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