Conflicting approaches

Critical Animal Studies activists and their harboring of antisemitic ideas

draft 24.11.23

While some Critical Animal Studies activists harboring antisemitic ideas others miss to distance themselves from such rhetorics

Is the Critical Animal Studies bubble aware that probably a huge part of them seems to hold the view – with what reason I wonder – that acts of terror were a means to achieve solutions people would consider to be just.
The death penalty is wrong, how come terror is the way to go?

We are at the stage now where the people who UTILIZE Animal Liberation, who did keep insisting on the separation between justice towards human vs. animals, need to be monitored for antisemitic rhetorics, after they already undermined Animal Lib as A. RIGHTS in parts themselves.

simply citing other people’s works, who do hold comprehensive views on issues, does not entitle any article to claim to not be something else but ‚geistige Brandstiftung‘ when in fact that is what it’s all about for the authors with some one the contents they disperse.

Especially the narrative to politicise dietary politics and movements in Israel as fake and as a sole „intstrument of oppressive proparanda“ is dangerously antisemitic. This has been going on for a while and now it seems to reach an apex in boldness and historic ignorance.

This arbitrary act of arugmentatively tying together some lose ends, employs an act of suggestion
reminiscient of the nationalist racial terminology of „mimikry“.
What purpose are such activists up to I wonder seriously?

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