questioning terms

The term: sustainable

Sustainable … sustainability in social terms, inevitable.
Sustainable … when it means „growth“, seems a contradiction to economic-ecologic-justice.
Sustainable … and beneath the term of “ ’life’ on earth and water”, the rights and interests of ‘Farmed-Animals’ and ‘Lab-Animals’ (amongst other Animal Rights issues) are still being ruled out.

Antibiologistic Animal Sociology

Do you know all 17 Sustainable Development Goals? https://sdgs.un.org/goals

Als nationales Ziel von DE formuliert > https://www.bne-portal.de/bne/de/nationaler-aktionsplan/nationaler-aktionsplan_node.html > https://www.bne-portal.de/bne/shareddocs/downloads/files/nationaler_aktionsplan_bildung-er_nachhaltige_entwicklung_neu.pdf

The #EU uses to much language on sustainability that is incompatible with Animal Rights. The difficulties for animal adcovacy and the injustice towards the (entire) Nonhuman Animal World have to become part of humanities ethical home. We are positive the #UN can enventually help.

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