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Empathy and Analysis

Empathy and Analysis

With discussing the suffering we are like a police man who would talk about the harm the murderer has done to the victim. One part of the crime setting but it’s not everything we need to analyse and adresse here to do something against crimes.

We need to talk about the human crime being the subject of human injustice. The crime is not being discussed fully at all, the quality and substance of objectifying injustice.

Analogy helps here:

when I see a human who harms another human, be it a child, a person being discriminated against on any ground … I would call out the people and society for that what they are acutally doing, that what is wrong with society, that what I see is the injustice, the tricks, the lies and so forth.

Just to keep talking about how perpetratorcs ignore the pain they inflict on someone else, misses the point in several ways when we seek to analyze the case.

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