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Draft: The Analogy, Comparison and Relation

rough draft 28.07.23

The Analogy, Comparison and Relation

Pro: We need the analalogue comparisons […] to approach subjective layers of perpsective and things related

Con: We cannot clarify certain crucial specifics of speciesism by means of comparisons though;

What we do see in the dispute about „analogies“ though are some expressions of human hegemonial claims on

  • the grades of injustice and how they would weigh
  • the categorization of „the human sphere“ and > on which levels we seperate, > how we encounter things in terms of the experience of human destructivity > how this is seen as „different“ in terms of the implicit „kind of degradation“ and of political and cultural reasons and classification of harm, violation, and most of all „injustice“ as a recognized scope

Animal Sociology is a critical approach to facts on the Homo sapiens supposing herself as existent while blurring out the Animal sapiens …

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