Animal Sociology

Animality and conceptual corners

Why treat nonhuman concerns in assigned fields, instead of debiologizing the typical stances on animality? “Being a human” is still taken as a sociological state, while “nonhuman behaviour” is routinely relegated into the categories of being biologically driven/dominated.
– Animality can be seen in debiologized ways.
– Embracing existential plurality means wider perspectives than anthropocentrism are required
We can mutually learn as social and ecological beings.

antibiologistic antispeciesist animal sociology

Repost > https://www.simorgh.de/objects/animality-and-conceptual-corners/ > find it in > Edition Farangis: Animal Autonomy E-Reader, Jahrgang 3, Nr. 1, April 2022, p. 7 > https://d-nb.info/1255331658/34

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